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Have you ever wondered and ask yourself what are the things that make you "feel happy”? And do you want to help spread happiness into the world?


As you probably know, we are a group of five enthusiastic people who like to share, inspire and spread happiness in the environment we live in.


How do we do this? By organizing every month a free Happylab café, to reach as many people as possible in order to inspire them. During the Happylab café you meet speakers who talk about different subjects, organize exciting workshops or readings and there is always a possibility to connect with other people.


Some people say; ‘happiness is an illusion’, is it so?

The experience of happiness is complicated to talk about, but one thing is sure happiness is measurable and not an illusion. There have been many researches made in this field, for instance by neuroscientific.


The latest neuroscientific studies show that we have the ability to change and grow our brain even as an adult! This has fascinating implications for our wellbeing and other areas of Positive Psychology. According to Barbara Fredrickson, the happiness set point is given at birth and accounts for about 40% of our happiness. Early findings showed that while positive events (such as winning the lottery) and negative events (such as an accident) change our happiness levels in the short run, we eventually return back to the baseline, our happiness set point (Brickman, Coates, & Janoff-Bulman, 1978).


The latest findings in Neuroplasticity, however, indicate that the happiness set point can be changed, based on what we focus on and the activities we perform.


Are you fascinated by happiness too?

Our mission with Happylab is not the search for happiness, but to think together about what really makes us happy. With a lot of pleasure we take you on our journey. What is happiness for us, and what is it for you? This can be a way of living, laughing, wellbeing, singing, making art or consciousness. Everything what means happiness, we tend to cover every happiness topic during our Happylab cafés.

Interactivity is very important during these Happylab cafés.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any ideas regarding topics or inspiring speakers.


Happylab is a place for everyone who is passionate or interested in happiness.




The Happylab café is a meeting place in Amsterdam, informal and with a free entrance. Everybody interested in happiness is welcome.


We invite interesting speakers to have an interactive workshop / event related to happiness.


They will share their experiences, knowledge, information, tools and passion, in order to get a better idea of your own happiness.


Our cafés are in special locations in the area of Amsterdam where you can have a drink. Possible locations are The Canal Hotel, Wildschut, Hoxton College Hotel, Café de Pianist, etc.


We are lucky to have as ‘headquarter-café’ The Canal Hotel with very friendly staff. 


Every month we organize a new Happylab café from 8pm – 10pm.


We do our best to announce some weeks in advance on social media and our website. A

And off course do not hesitate to spread the news.


Keep an eye on our Facebook and Meetup pages.


We look back on our successful first edition!

Many thanks to our diverse guests, our speaker, the beautiful location and relaxed atmosphere. Very pleased, we look forward to the next edition! Keep an eye on our agenda and hope to see you there!